Bridge To Nowhere

So apparently moving looks good on me.

When I moved to California in 2010 (or ‘11?) I finished writing a novel, Forget Me Not, while I was there. Now I’m in Australia, and while the last two years back home have been nothing but beginnings with no endings and lots and lots of writer’s block, the past two weeks in Melbourne have been pretty constructive.

I’m currently on working on my newest novel, Bridge To Nowhere (working title), and I’ve been writing consistently again so I decided I’m going to go ahead and start posting the chapters as I finish them.

I’m about 7 chapters in, but I think I’m going to try to get three to four more out before I start posting. That way if I hit a block somewhere, I’ll be ahead & won’t leave people hanging like I’ve done many, many times (my bad, y’all).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who keeps up with my writing. I’ll try to keep this one coming. But I’m in a new place, with new people, and I have a whole city of new inspiration to explore so I feel SO motivated & ready to tackle this one. (Yay, me!)

Before I got here, I said, “I’m going to move to Australia and write a book.” Well, obviously I accomplished the first part. I guess I’ll go ahead and get to the rest.

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