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That time I used Tinder to make friends.

AKA what I’m trying to do right now.

And when I say friends, I mean JUST friends. Friends sans benefits.

American Writer In Germany: 1 Week

So I’ve officially made it through my first full week in Germany. Here are my initial thoughts, observations, questions, and concerns:

Milk Crisis 2016 Averted

How many of you are familiar with, what I now like to call, my Australian Milk Crisis? A few, at least. The taste of the milk was one of my few gripes with my time in Australia. It was just different. I gave it a try upon arriving to Melbourne and promptly decided that I wouldn’t drink another drop of it. And I didn’t. The entire six months I was there, I didn’t drink milk.

I’m in Germany!

And everyone is asking how I feel. Here’s the answer:

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Not sure what to make of that? Me neither. Welcome to my brain.

I want to live in Paris.

In a tiny apartment right off a roundabout, with a window just tall enough to make me feel like I’m outside when I sit in front of it.

I want to buy red flowers to hang on the railing of said window, and there will always be a stack of books beside it because that will be my favorite place to read. 

The Love of My Life Is Hiding In: Paris

I’m in Paris and I’m pretty sure the love of my life is here, too.

His name is Etienne or Henri or something else that only sounds good in a French accent, and he wears a man-bun that I love to hate. He might not want kids but he owns his favorite book in every language (he got them from each country he’s visited, obviously). He’s the still pull out my chair and always (ALWAYS) take out the trash kind of traditional, but could be found cooking dinner on a rare night. Of course, I won’t eat it. I don’t like his cooking.

I’m moving to Germany!

Who’s surprised? Anyone? Anyone at all?

After my last big move—NYC to Melbourne, Australia in 2013—I told myself that I was done for a while. It was time for me to ignore the tiny (screaming) voice in my brain, the constant hum of gogogo, to settle down, and focus on my career.

Now, just three years later, I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten my foot in the door of the publishing industry. Not only have I published 2 novels, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work for both small and large publishing houses. Even better, I’ve launched New York City Writers Network, which is growing more every day. I’ve accomplished so much and I’ve learned even more—now it’s time to drop everything and gogogo.




Like the Red Sky at Morning: coming October 27, 2015!

Like the Red Sky at Morning: Coming Soon

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Solitude of a Birdcage is on NetGalley!

Good news reviewers! Solitude of a Birdcage is officially available to request on NetGalley!

If you’re approved to review Solitude, be sure to share your feedback. All users who leave reviews will automatically be entered to win one of these of awesome prizes: