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#TBT: Oil & Water

Here’s a scene from a book I started back in 2008 or ’09. It was a YA about Christian, a black girl with a screwed up past and Abel, a white guy who doesn’t have much hope for the future. They meet, fall in love, and, well…you know. A novel happens.

 I only got halfway through about three different versions of it before I put the manuscript down and never picked it up again. I still like going back and skimming through it, though. Below is one of my favorite scenes. 

#TBT: His favorite things.

As I’m sure just about every writer does, I have a TON of random, under-developed, unfinished pieces of writing stored on my computer (& in my phone, in my iPad, in countless flash drives…), so in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, here’s an an excerpt from an old, forgotten idea.

It’s funny how

The love of your life is just the love of your life until you don’t love them anymore.

Then suddenly they’re just a closed chapter in a book of the grand scheme of things. A phase, mistake even, then a memory.

Then one day, they’re nothing at all.

She saw it while it was still a mile away.

A mile, and a kiss, and maybe one ‘I love you’ too many. 

Yet, it seemed to come upon her so suddenly, without warning, without warrant. It hit her in the chest like a solid blow that left her breathless. Her knees buckled from the impact, but as soon as she hit the ground, she knew once she rose again she’d feel nothing but the dull sting that lingered from her fall. 

She didn’t know the man but the moment was all too familiar.

Body heat and sweat and passion that feels a lot like love. But she never mistakes some temporary rapture for the real thing.

Once, she felt it. Undeniable and all consuming, like a black hole she tripped and fell into. Sometimes, in the seconds between sleep and wakefulness, she thinks she’s still falling.