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“I kept seeing stars, especially when I closed my eyes. So I kept them shut.”

The statement was essentially meaningless, but she can still hear him speak the words so clearly in her mind because in the same second they left his tongue, he reached for her hand.

It happened so casually, as if he’d done it a million and one times before, and they kept walking, fingers entwined, and he kept talking but she had no idea what he said because her insides were exploding and the only thing she could hear from that moment on was the deafening sound of her own silent screams.

She watched them.

And she smoked and smoked.

He draped his arm around her, she rested her head on his shoulder. He said something and she laughed. She lifted her face to his, he kissed her mouth. 

And all she could do was watch them, while she smoked and smoked. 

She was falling.


Easy and fast, into infinity maybe. Her eyes were closed, her arms were outstretched, she didn’t even need to breathe. In fact, it sort of felt like flying.

Only she had no control. She couldn’t stop, or even slow down, and there was always that chance that she would hit the ground and everything would break.


At last, she discovered the secret to happiness.

There it was, all along. The unrelenting darkness had been smothering all of the light. She would never see what was right in front of her unless she lit the candle.

So she did. And almost like magic, the flowers seemed to open wider and the sun shone brighter and the rain clouds that threatened the placid sky dispersed.

And then he rubs her back.

Right after sex, she lies with her eyes closed, hypnotized by the sensation of his hands moving up her spine and down again.

They fight, then they love, then they fuck and they fuck, and afterward he placates her to her soul with the soft stroke of his fingertips on her skin. Something like the sky clearing and the sun showing itself after a fierce and beautiful storm.