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He said every single part of her was kissable, and then he proved it so thoroughly that she wasn’t sure her lungs were capable of producing enough airflow to ever bring her breath back.


He always told her to wait for her Prince Charming, yet she watched him fall in love over and over again, giving them all everything he had & leaving her with nothing.

She had lots of Prince Charmings, none that were hers, though. Except one. They lived happily for a while, but then she stabbed him in the heart with the same sword he’d used to slay all of her dragons.

They fucked.

And he touched her gently and moved with ease.

He told her he loved her.

She never opened her eyes & pretended she didn’t hear. What she really wanted was to bury her face in the pillow & smother her shame.

Sometimes she forgot about emotions.

Not hers. Theirs.

She appeared, & just as quickly, she was gone. They probably would have doubted she existed at all, had it not been for the scars she left on their hearts.

In her own heart, there was no room for sympathy or compassion. Once in a while, a piece of her felt sorry, but mostly for herself.

He met her in a bar.

She smelled like cigarettes and strong perfume and the whiskey in her glass, but her voice was soft and her smile was sweet and she was willing.

He took her home that night, made her feel like the only one, and sent her off the next morning with nothing to cling to but his face in her memory.

There was one, once, who smelled like berries and soap. She had a dimple in her left cheek and her hair felt like feathers on his skin. She left the next morning, he hasn’t seen her since. Still, he clings to her face in his memory.

She’d been nothing but herself.

A small being, insignificant in the bigger scheme of things.

But him. He was every single thing else. The whole entire world, and the whole entire universe surrounding it.

Now he’s much less. Just the oceans and the orange leaves of Fall and some of the clouds when it’s raining.

She carefully placed the fragile shards together, mending the lesions as best she could.

It took her hours to reconstruct, but like a puzzle, the pieces fit together to recreate what once was. For a while, it remained in tact, a whole again.

She had no way of knowing that even the slightest of disturbances would send it shattering to bits all over again.

She closed her eyes and silently made a wish.

She wished for everyone to disappear. She wished for her loneliness to swallow her whole. She wished for the numbness to turn to pain, just so she could feel something.

She wished for quicksand to sink into. She wished for an ocean, just to drown.

When she blew out her candles, everyone cheered.

It’s kind of like stumbling around in the dark.

In a room full of ottomans and coffee tables.

It’s like wandering blindly with your arms outstretched in front of you, searching for a lamp. And then the door opens, letting a little bit of light in, giving you an ounce of hope that you’ll find your way.

But just as quickly, it’s shut again, and then you stub your toe on the leg of some fucking sofa.

She met a girl at the bus stop.

She had no where to go & nothing to lose, so she sat there for hours watching all the buses come & go.

They spoke of her childhood— the girl’s.

She lied about her own. At that point, she had no past. Her future wasn’t certain, either. She could only make the most of her present.