About Indie-Pub Consulting

My experience working on both sides of publishing—as an author, and as a publisher—has afforded me the knowledge and ability to appreciate the publishing process from all angles. I understand the business side of things: editorial, design, marketing, distribution, royalties, retailer relationships, etcetera. However, I can also relate to the personal side of things: perfecting your manuscript, choosing the perfect title, the elation of that first great review, the devastation of the first terrible one. Holding your book in your hand for the first time, standing in front of a room for your first reading.

I pride myself on not only my passion—for writing, for writers, and for the industry in general—but also on my genuine desire to see indie-authors succeed, and to see the self-publishing industry flourish. When I started out, I knew nothing, but I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire knowledge through experience, to learn from many mistakes, and to find myself in a position to help other writers.


The Stigma of Self-Publishing

Unfortunately, the term “self-published” bares the stigma of amateur, incompetence, and unprofessional. While an indie-author should be proud of a feat like publishing his or her own book without the support of a traditional publisher, in too many cases the quality of a self-published book reflects the author’s naiveté. Too often self-published novels aren’t sufficiently edited. Too often they have subpar covers. Too often they have underdeveloped, excessively lengthy, or just poorly-written back cover descriptions. 

Do you know how to use keywords in your cover copy to maximize SEO? Do you know how to assign the right BISAC codes to your book? How about distribution? Printing? How much should you charge for your book? These questions are all crucial to the success of your book, and only just the tip of the iceberg. While going the traditional route takes the weight of needing to know these details off of an author’s shoulders, if an indie author doesn’t arm oneself with all of this information, he or she isn’t only jeopardizing the success of the work, but running the risk of living up to the very stereotype that puts the legitimacy of self-published titles in question. 

How I Can Help?

Phone Consultation $75 base fee+$25/hr

Using the Self-Publishing Checklist, we’ll go through the whole publishing process: from first draft to pub-day. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about editorial and design, web copy, ISBN numbers and barcodes, distribution, royalties, how to market yourself, and more!

Do you have specific questions you would like to ask? Is there something in particular you want to go over? I’ll tailor an agenda especially for you once we schedule the call to be sure to address your questions and concerns. At the end of our call, I’ll provide a summary of what we discussed for your reference. Plus, one complimentary fifteen-minute follow-up call is included in the base fee.


Digital Presence/Social Media Consultation $50 base fee + $25/hr

In today’s world, your digital presence is a key component of your success. It is one of the ways—if not the top way—to stay connected with your audience as well as with the happenings, trends, news from and updates on the industry. Learn how to capitalize on the market at your fingertips by building and maintaining a solid digital presence.

We’ll discuss the best social media platforms for you and how to use them most effectively. We’ll also discuss your author website and what it needs to be the best that it can be!


Book Description $125

A potential reader’s first impression of your book is the cover, but what’s on the back of the book may be just as, if not more, important. Your book’s description can be the difference between a sale and a pass. I’ll use central elements, keywords, and quality writing to hook readers as well as boost your title’s SEO with professional copy.

Price includes first draft, plus two revisions.


Ongoing/Long-Term Consultation Contact for Quote

Would you like me to stick around for longer than just one call? If you’re looking to manage your project yourself, but would like to keep me on-call for questions, tips, and advice as needed, I’m happy to stick around ongoing and long-term for a flat rate.


Full Project Management Contact for Quote

If you’re interested in the Full Project Management package, I’ll reside over your project until publication day, offering unlimited consulting, all of the above services, plus a strategic marketing and publicity campaign that can include but may not be limited to early review solicitation, blog tour and/or book blitz planning, author event coordination, and targeted outreach to media and relevant sources.


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