Dinner Guest

Part 1 by ME:

Is that him? No, it can’t be. The universe isn’t that cruel. It sure looks like him, though. Maybe even a better him then I remember, not that that says too much seeing as how I can’t remember a lot of things from that night.

It was one of those nights you have when you leave the house knowing you’ll have to apologize to your liver in the morning. I think I was a little intoxicated by the anticipation alone, before I’d even reached the bar. That’s where I’d met him: In the bar, after a few too many shots. My favorite song was playing and I was rocking out by myself to it, eyes closed, singing loudly and off key. For the two minutes the song played, I was completely oblivious to everything else. But when it was over, I opened my eyes and immediately met his, swallowing me whole. Suddenly, I was completely oblivious to everything but him.

And now here he is again, in my living room, being introduced to my whole family by my little sister. She’s been talking about him for months already, about this new, special man in her life. The one, she says. Yeah, he’s the one alright. The one who had me out of that bar and into his bed faster than my memory can comprehend. Talk about happy endings. Let’s just say, it’d been a really good night. The next morning, I’d snuck away before he could wake. As appealing as waking up in his arms and maybe having breakfast and turning it all into more than just a one night stand sounded, it wasn’t very probable. So I’d left, but I never stopped wondering about him.

That man. Apparently the one for my sister.  

I’m almost tempted to sneak out of the room before they reach me. What if he recognizes me? Will he tell her? Should I tell her first? Or maybe he won’t remember. Maybe it’s behind us, maybe no one ever has to know. I consider both possibilities as my sister’s eyes fall on me next and she pulls him excitedly in my direction. “And last but not least,” she gushes, “this is my sister.”

His eyes briefly flicker with recognition, so briefly I would have missed it if I had blinked. He outstretches his hand to take mine, smiles warmly, tells me it’s a pleasure to finally meet me, he’s heard so much. I’m trying to read him, but it seems impossible.  Does he remember? Does he recognize me? If he does, he doesn’t say so. He certainly doesn’t show it. So I relax a little, breathe, allow myself to stand and follow my family into the dining room for dinner. Maybe everything will be fine. Maybe that night will remain just another lost the haze of all other drunken mistakes.

But then, the sound of whistling catches my attention. It’s him. He’s whistling. “Hey!” my sister says, pointing at me. “That’s her favorite song.” He replies, “Oh, yeah?”, but we both know that he knows that, and as we continue to the dining room, I know it’s going to be a long evening.

Part 2 by Reggie E.

My girlfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted. She’s attractive, smart, funny, she laughs when I fart, and her favorite thing to do on fridays is catch re runs of “Family Guy” with me. Yup I’ve got a keeper, and if I wasn’t so into this girl, I wouldn’t be as nervous as I am right now to meet her family. “Don’t worry you’ll be fine just be yourself,” she says with a smirk. Before I know it, we’re at her parents’ place and I’m ready to kiss ass because these kind of get togethers are always like job interviews.

So what do you like to do? What school did you go to? Blah blah blahhh.

Her parents however, are nothing like I expected. They are welcoming and have no boring school questions. Instead, her dad opts to know what kind of liquor I like, which was pretty cool. I respond with, “Anything that puts me to sleep.” The room bursts into laughter. It is at this moment when the door opens and we have another guest.

A smiling, gorgeous– familiar– face, and I NEVER forget a face. This is the same woman from my spontaneous night a while back. We met at  Calico Jack’s, where I approached her moving her hips to a sweet tune. We shared a euphoric night together at my place and parted ways like it never happened.

Its written all over her face that she remembers who I am. Even as we are introduced, I can’t help but play back the memory of our sexual chemistry that night. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to reach out to her again after that night, but I never saw her again– until now at least, and obviously against her will.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” is what I say to kill the awkward situation. This is my girlfriends sister? How great is my luck?

As we make our way back to our seats, I unknowingly start to whistle the tune from that night. She looks at me in complete shock. “Is that ‘Gucci, Gucci’ you’re whistling?” inquires my lady. “That’s my sister’s FAVORITE song in the world.”

“Oh, really?” I say out loud, but looking into her eyes, I knew that all along. Long night ahead, indeed.

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