Solitude of a Birdcage: cover by Ellie Augsburger

With the reveal of the cover for Solitude of a Birdcage, I wanted to thank my awesome cover designer, Ellie Augsburger of Creative Digital Studios who put it together.

I’ve decided to write a special post, just for her, not only because I’m in love with the work she did, but because she was so amazing throughout the whole process. I know that I was a pain in the ass, mostly because I had a vision of what I wanted that I couldn’t articulate but expected her to produce, anyway. And she actually did, without complaint. And not only did she do it without complaint, but she went above and beyond by giving me TWO banners for promotion, multiple sizes of the cover, and a few more extras that I’m grateful for.

I’m currently working with Ellie again on another project, and I plan to use her for the sequel to Solitude of a Birdcage as well. It was just a relieve to have someone who was able to bring my vision to life with only vague ideas and pretty unhelpful suggestions, while remaining extremely patient and very accommodating through the whole process.

So THANK YOU, Ellie, & I very much look forward to working a lot more with you.

And for anyone else who may be be looking to have any design work done– covers, websites, logos, etc. etc.– I highly recommend checking out Ellie’s list of services. She’s seriously amazing.

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