Excerpt: One Night Stand

He opened his eyes and there she was, still sound asleep- and still naked- lying there beside him. She was on her stomach with her arms up over her head, as if she were sheilding herself from something. Every few minutes, she would inhale deeply, or lightly jerk. Abel wondered what she dreamt about. What tormented her in her sleep? The same things that tormented her when she was awake?

He watched her for a while, trying to hold onto every fuzzy detail his memory could conjure up from the night before. Her head thrown back as she moaned, her hair splayed across his red pillows, her flesh, so much of it, bare and flawless and damp with sweat. He ran his fingers over the welps that she’d left behind, trailing across his shoulders. He could still feel her lips against his ear, he could still hear her voice, begging him not to stop.

That hadn’t been too hard to oblige by.

And now there she was. Still in his bed. Still entwined in his sheets. Still so close to him, he could smell her shampoo. He wanted her to wake, so he could see her eyes and hear her speak. But even more then that, he wanted her to stay there. Right where she was, where he could see her and feel her pressed lightly against him.

He was in love.

He was in love, and he barely even knew her.

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