Her name is Noel, & she is AWESOME.

I made a friend from my side of the world. She’s awesome & she’s a writer (so basically she’s double awesome). Check her out, guys.

Prose piece by Noel:

When they’d first met he was curt and professional, barely allowing himself to smile. As their paths crossed over the span of several weeks, he answered her questions with a directness and brevity she equated with disinterest – annoyance, even. Resigned to interacting with him on a strict basis of necessity, she was taken aback when he suddenly called out to her playfully one day as she stood unknowingly blocking his path in the common kitchen. “Scuzzi seniorina”, he called out with a singsong quality to his voice. As she turned to see who came upon her and saw the face she’d learned to treat with quiet practicality, she instinctively replied with an apology and cleared the path; but the unusual playfulness of his words had made its impact and left a subtle smile in her eyes. “Just don’t let it happen again,” he warned, a broad smile eliminating any possibility of misinterpretation. He was finally interested in knowing her; or finally allowing himself to act on it, she hoped. She laughed broadly – out of surprise and pleasure – and followed his eyes until his efficient yet relaxed stride took him out of sight. In that exchange, they both realized how similar they were. The instantaneity of their chemistry excited and intimidated them both.

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