I panicked…

“I panicked.”

 He started pacing, his hands trembled, he was breathing hard. “I wasn’t even thinking, I just panicked.”

“And you drove off?”

 He spun around to face his sister, his eyes wide and wild. “What was I supposed to do?” he cried.

“Turn around!” she shot back. “Get out of the car, see if this person was okay! Call an ambulance!”

 “But I’m drunk! And you know I’m not supposed to be drinking! Karen’ll leave me if she finds out. I swore I’d stay sober, and I meant it! I just… it was just a long day is all.”

“Well, did anyone see you?”

 He shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. It was dark, it happened fast.”

 “Did you kill him?”

 Lowering his eyes in shame, he said, “I think so. I didn’t get out to check but… he went under the front and back tires. When I stopped, he wasn’t moving. Just laying there…”

 She, too, began to pace. “What if someone saw?” she muttered, maybe more to herself. After all, he was driving her truck. Why did she let him borrow her truck, anyway? She probably deserved whatever would come of it, just for being stupid enough to give him those keys.

 It’s just, he’d been doing so well lately. Staying out of trouble. Staying sober.

 Or at least, she’d thought he’d been staying sober.

 “What were you thinking?” she demanded, pausing to swat at him. “You idiot! Drinking and driving? You hit someone! You may have killed someone! You could go back to jail!”

 He shook his head. “I can’t. I can’t go back to jail. Karen’ll definitely leave me this time. I could never ask her to wait for me again. We barely made it through last time—”

 “Karen?” she cried. “Karen is the least of your troubles! What about your freedom?”

 “Screw my freedom!” Shaking his head as he plopped down on the sofa, he said, “It’s nothing without her. I’m nothing without her.”

 His sister rolled her eyes. At least Karen brought the best out of him. Or, at least, some watered down version of it. They had the type of whirlwind romance people only read about in books, or watched in movies. She was a rich girl with a bright future ahead of her and endless opportunities at her fingertips. He was a hoodlum who sold drugs and drank too much. He had no aspirations, no ambition. His only goals had been to get through every day without getting arrested or killed.

 Until he met Karen, of course. She made him want more. She made him want to be good enough for her. And, for reasons no one could figure out, she loved him back. She even waited for him when he’d went to jail after his third DUI. She made him swear he’d stop drinking, though. She said she’d be gone if he didn’t.

 The sound of a loud knock on the front door made him and his sister jump. He got to his feet, fear evident in his features. “Who’s that?” he whispered.

 Another set of loud knocks, followed by, “This is the police!”

 “Fuck!” he moaned.

 “Sh-h!” she cried, quickly motioning for him to go to the back room. “Just go hide. I’ll tell them you aren’t here.”

 Nodding, he hurried to the back while she went and pulled the door opened. Two uniformed officers stood on the front porch. “Good evening officers,” she said, trying to keep her voice even. “Is there a problem?”

 “Is this the residence of Karen Moore?” the taller one asked.

 She frowned, a bit taken aback. She’d thought for sure they were there for her brother. “Yes, sir, but Karen’s not here right now.”

He nodded. “Miss, I have some bad news…” He paused, exchanged glances with his partner. “There was an accident. Miss Moore was stuck by a car just a few blocks over. We think it was a hit and run.” Swallowing hard, he said, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but she didn’t make it.”

No sounds followed except the agonizing howl that erupted from the back room.

*scene starter submitted by Nicole

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