I’m at the conference!

I’m nervous & excited, and I can’t wait to finally get started. When everyone came in, we were split up into groups to start the workshops. Our workshop leader is Ann Garvin. She’s the author of the novel “On Maggie’s Watch” & she actually met her editor through this conference a few years ago.

So far, we’ve just sat around a long table (there are about 16 of us in the group) while Ann went over a few things to get us ready. Now we’re on a coffee break before we get started working on our pitches. We’re going to go around the table, read them aloud, & Ann will give us feedback.

A lot of the things she told us, I’m already familiar with so I feel a little bit more confident than I did walking in. I am the youngest person here, though, so I can’t wait to see how my work compares to everyone else’s.

Anyway, I guess I’ll write again later on. Tomorrow I pitch to the first editor!!

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