I’m getting the travel itch again.

Last night I was stumbling (stumbleupon, I’m OBSESSED) & I came across a page, 27 Surreal Places to Visit Before You DieGoing through the list & seeing the pictures gave me that ache to get up and go again. I just got back from Australia not even six months ago, & I told myself that this time I would stay put for a while, but there’s SO MUCH that I still haven’t seen. Things that are so beautiful and amazing, it’s hard to believe that they actually exist somewhere.

Granted, I’m still young, and I have the rest of my life to see whatever I want. But we all know that patience isn’t a virtue of mine. Plus, I’m interning now & I’m REALLY hoping something comes of it. A job, another internship, SOMETHING. As happy as I would be if that happens, it’ll obviously put a damper on any traveling plans I have for the near future (i.e. Thailand for a month in March).

I guess this is one of those ‘grass is always greener’ cases. If I choose to sow my travel oats, who knows how long I’ll be stuck in shitty retail jobs? If I decide to focus on my career, who knows when I’ll be able to drop everything & move away from six months again?


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