Milk Crisis 2016 Averted

How many of you are familiar with, what I now like to call, my Australian Milk Crisis? A few, at least. The taste of the milk was one of my few gripes with my time in Australia. It was just different. I gave it a try upon arriving to Melbourne and promptly decided that I wouldn’t drink another drop of it. And I didn’t. The entire six months I was there, I didn’t drink milk.

No cereal. And some of you may be thinking, “Big deal. There are a million other things to eat.” But again, if you know me, you know that isn’t the case. Cereal is, like, one of five things I eat. No cereal in my diet is the equivalent to no water in a normal human’s diet. (I’m exaggerating. But seriously. I do have the eating habits of a child. A spoiled, annoying child.)

Anyway, it was a nightmare. I literally used to dream of swimming in huge bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with good ol’ unnatural, unhealthy, hormone-filled American milk.

So, of course, one of my concerns when making the move to Germany was the milk. I was pretty much already kissing Cinnamon Toast Crunch goodbye again, positive I was going to hate the milk here, too.

german milk

But, alas! I gave it a try and it isn’t half bad! Still different. But not I’ll-never-let-this-near-my-tongue-again different. German Milk Crisis averted!

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