My first pitch session didn’t go so well.

What happened was, I wrote the first draft of my pitch & on the first day of the conference (yesterday), I read it to our workshop leader, Ann. Afterward, I  explained who the characters were, their relationships to each other, and laid out the whole plot & concept of the book. Once she learned more about it, she told me what I needed to change, what I should mention first, what I should add, what I should leave out, & so on.

However, today, when I pitched it to the editor (from Penguin), who had no idea what the book was about or who any of the characters were, she was confused.

I rewrote it a few more times and read it to Ann & my group again, but I figured the reason none of them had a problem understanding it is because I’d already explained everything to them the day before. So what I did was called a friend that I’d met in a writers group when I lived in San Diego, someone who hasn’t read the book and doesn’t know anything about it. I read her the original pitch, & she helped me simplify it 110%.

I read it to a few more people since then, all people who don’t know the book, & it seems like this one is perfectly clear & concise. So this is the one I’m going to use tomorrow. 

I pitch to two more editors; one from Grand Central Publishing, another from HarperCollins Publishers (HOLY SHITTT!!). Both of these are major but I’m hoping the latest version of my pitch gets the job done.

Wish me luck!!!!!!

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