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That time I used Tinder to make friends.

AKA what I’m trying to do right now.

And when I say friends, I mean JUST friends. Friends sans benefits.

American Writer In Germany: 1 Week

So I’ve officially made it through my first full week in Germany. Here are my initial thoughts, observations, questions, and concerns:

Milk Crisis 2016 Averted

How many of you are familiar with, what I now like to call, my Australian Milk Crisis? A few, at least. The taste of the milk was one of my few gripes with my time in Australia. It was just different. I gave it a try upon arriving to Melbourne and promptly decided that I wouldn’t drink another drop of it. And I didn’t. The entire six months I was there, I didn’t drink milk.

I’m in Germany!

And everyone is asking how I feel. Here’s the answer:

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Not sure what to make of that? Me neither. Welcome to my brain.

I want to live in Paris.

In a tiny apartment right off a roundabout, with a window just tall enough to make me feel like I’m outside when I sit in front of it.

I want to buy red flowers to hang on the railing of said window, and there will always be a stack of books beside it because that will be my favorite place to read.