That time I used Tinder to make friends. Part 3

We’ll call the guy Ace and the girl Olivia. I messaged them both, starting with Olivia. Just a friendly, “Hey, Olivia!” She got back to me right away, welcoming me to Hamburg, asking how long I’ve been here and what brings me. Then, after a short conversation, she went quiet.

It was all good, though, because I still had Ace to chat with. He mentioned attending university in the States in his profile, my perfect in. I said hello and we chatted a bit about his time abroad and other places he’d visited. Of course, the conversation shifted to my move to Hamburg, how I like it here, and me getting a good grasp on the language. Ace suggested I help him with his English and he can help me with my German (good one, Ace).

At this point, we’ve been chatting for a couple days, which I have to admit, I was completely over. Apparently chatting online isn’t my thing. So far, this part is my least favorite. Is it against Tinder etiquette to skip the small talk and just grab a cup of coffee to get to know each other in person?

As I mulled over what to make of Ace’s language exchange offer, I decide to try my luck with skipping the small talk. When Olivia got back to me, I didn’t ask anymore questions about her job, education, and hobbies (all topics I discussed with Ace). I went straight for the gold. I told her I don’t know a single person in Hamburg, beside the people I live with, so I’d love to hang out sometime. Then I slipped in that I’m just hoping to make some new friends while I’m here.

It worked! Olivia told me she’ll be out of town this weekend, but she’d love to hang when she gets back. Have I done it? Have I made a friend on Tinder?!

Meanwhile, my swipe finger has gotten comfy and I’ve matched with several other people. I’ve even been “super liked” a few times. Some of my matches remained silent (what’s the point?), and a few others reached out. Unfortunately, I haven’t connected with any more potential girlfriends, but I’m still happy with―if not just plain entertained by―my candidates.

There’s Punker Guy, who likes my Tinder approach. So far the odds of becoming my friend are in his favor. There’s Granny Man, who has sent me about a million heart-eye emojis. I don’t think our correspondence will leave the Tinder app. There’s Moiner, who keeps sending me smilies. I’ve stopped responding by now. There’s Mr. Poetic, who sent me the best introduction I’ve gotten this far. Apparently he didn’t like my response, though, because I haven’t heard back since.

And of course, there’s still our friend Ace. I decided to take Ace up on his offer, and even made one of my own. I invited him to join me for coffee, once again slipping in the “friendship only” stipulation. Then the conversation disappeared! 

Did I just get unmatched?

Stay tuned to find out how I dealt with the crushing realization that my offer of friendship had been rejected via “unmatch”. Plus, my first Tinder friend-date is looming. In the meantime, tell me about your own First Tinder Date experience in the comments below!

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