That time I used Tinder to make friends. Part 2

I’ve been treading the Tinder waters for a few days now and I’m happy to say that I’m knee-deep in potential Tinder friends! But I won’t say SUCK IT to naysayers just yet. Not until I’ve got one of ’em locked down for good (locked down in my friendship, of course).

Let’s recap.

I moved to Hamburg. I’m friendly but still friendless. I tried out a few online expat communities and social apps to no avail. Then someone gave me the bright idea to try Tinder―for friends. It can’t be done! some said. But YOLO. I’m doing it.

Of course, I had to approach this with a game plan. I’m fishing for friends in the dating pool (last fish/ocean/water metaphor, I promise), and all I have to go by are photos and short, mostly vague, bios. So I set some guidelines. Profiles that get right-swiped (look at me, all Tinder-lingo savvy) include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Cool names. Svens, Neils’s, Lars’s. Yes, yes, YES.
  2. Bios in English.
  3. Any mention of the States. Visited, went to school there, lived there, etc.
  4. Any mention of common interests.
  5. Fun/funny photos. If their life looks enjoyable, I right-swiped.
  6. Any mention of just wanting to meet new people or make friends.
  7. OK, fine. I may have right-swiped one or two who were just good-looking. (Everyone likes attractive friends.)

And here are a few things that earn left-swipes:

  1. Blurry photos (I’ll be sending screenshots of anyone I meet up with to my sister, in case my killer needs to be identified. Gotta make sure the photos are clear.)
  2. Any mention of sex/hooking up in profiles.
  3. Any mention of relationships/finding love in profiles.
  4. Long bios that I can’t read.
  5. Bios that are inspiration quotes. (What is UP with that?!)
  6. Profile with any shirtless selfies.
  7. Profiles with too many selfies in general.

Armed with my guidelines, I started swiping! At first, it was kind of weird. Despite knowing my own intentions, meeting people online is just an awkward thing. Meeting people on a dating platform is even more awkward. But once I got past my initial unease, it started getting fun. I wasn’t swiping long before I got a match! And then another!

A boy and a girl. Perfect, right? Now I can really test this thing out, on both sexes. I swiped a little more after my first matches, then took it to the inbox. What now, though? Do I wait for them to message me or should I take the lead? I decided to call my best friend, who briefly used Tinder herself, to ask for advice.

She’s a go for it kinda girl, so she suggested I just send the first message. I want to be a go for it kinda girl, so I did! And it wasn’t horrible.

Stay tuned to find out how it went! In the meantime, comment some of your own First Conversation on Tinder experiences. 

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