The Love of My Life Is Hiding In: Berlin

I’m in Berlin and the love of my life might be here, too.

He’s from a small town in Germany, and he actually hates big cities. But he’s here for work, in a field I find boring—finance or something else uptight. He’s a workaholic and, at first, I think he may be boring, too.

Except he also finds his job pretty boring, and like me, has dreams of opening a café. We spend hours having passionate conversations about our plans and aspirations. His ambition is what gets me in the end.

His ambition, and his beard. Yeah, he definitely has a beard. And he doesn’t roll his eyes when I tell him to burn blue candles to relax. And he wears the pyrite stone I wrapped for him, always careful not to let people touch it. And every so often, he lets me burn sage in his room and even grows to like the smell.

Mom likes him because he has a retirement plan. Dad likes him because he holds the pigeons. Paris likes him because Mia does. His own family is small and quiet, so mine overwhelms him. But he tolerates his own discomfort on account of me, and I appreciate that about him more than anything else.

We argue because I’m never on time. His lack of spontaneity annoys me. He wants to settle down in a small town, and I can’t see myself anywhere but a major city. I think he takes his corporate job too seriously. He thinks my career goals are a bit idealistic. But at the end of the day, our support knows no conditions and our love has no bounds.

What do you think, y’all? Can I find him? Or should I keep searching for one of my other loves? By now, my options are aplenty—Paris, Hamburg, Stockholm, Tétouan, Copenhagen. Who’s your favorite?

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