The Love of My Life Is Hiding In: Tétouan

I’m in Tétouan, Morocco, and the love of my life might be here, too.

He’s a writer, maybe. Maybe a painter. Maybe both. Some creative, reclusive type. He works hard at a button-up job that’s fulfilling enough nine months a year so that he can spend long summers doing what he really loves. He rents lonely cottages in foreign villages and empty hillsides and out-of-the-way small towns where he writes things most people won’t ever read or paints things most people won’t ever see.

We meet at a roadside café and have tea when he helps me order in Arabic. After we part ways for the first time, I’m sure I won’t see him again, but I do, of course. Somewhere random and unexpected; haggling at a souk, turning a corner in a blue city, buying fresh msemen from a street cart. Like me, he thinks it’s a sign. I like that he believes that universe herself introduced us. It isn’t until the first time he cooks me a traditional Moroccan dinner, though, that I know it’s meant to be; I eat everything he serves, and even have seconds.

He’s calmer than me, more confident—or less concerned. He’s more down to earth—or just less materialistic. He’s faithful to his religion yet doesn’t force it on me. He stays at a level four when I’m at a consistent six. Rarely does he find a need to raise his voice. Sometimes his patience irks me, but mostly it just reminds me to work on mine.

He’s older than me, smarter in a lot of ways, certainly more worldly. Lauren likes him because his free spirit matches mine. Maria likes him because he doesn’t think my superstitions are silly. Paris likes him because they never run out of things to talk about. At first, the years between us took Mom and Dad some getting used to, but once you get to know him, get to know us together, it’s easy to forget about any reasons we wouldn’t be right for each other.

I have about a week left to find him, y’all. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, tell me which of my true loves is your favorite: Moroccan, French, German, or Swedish?

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