Then I was like… Why did Jesus wear shoes?

“Then I was like… ‘Why did Jesus wear shoes?'”

“You said that?”  

“Uh huh. And I thought it was completely stupid until he was all, did Jesus wear shoes?”  

Lacey laughed at her sister whose eyes were still pink and glossy, her lids still heavy and drooping. “What happened then?”  

Gabby sighed blissfully as she recalled. “We had this long conversation about Jesus. And shoes. And then we started talking about people waiting in line for sneakers, and then Jesus came up again…” She shrugged. “And then we did a few things that could be considered blasphemous.”  

Lacey laughed again, this time shaking her head in disapproval as well. “What if someone finds out?”  She shrugged. “Who’s gonna find out?”  

“I don’t know. Anyone could. The school, mainly. Does he realize how much trouble he could get in, dating a student?”  Gabby waved a dismissive hand.

“I wouldn’t call what we’re doing dating.”  

“Sleeping with a student. That’s even worse.”  

“I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m eighteen. Almost. The sex is consensual. No one’s getting hurt. It’s all in good fun.”  

“Until someone finds out.”  

“No one’s going to find out. Stop saying that.”  

Before Lacey could reply, the front door opened and their mother walked in. She was home later than usual, her hospital scrubs were unkempt, her hair was pulled back into a messy braid. She often looked like this, tired and stressed, after a long day’s work in the local hospital’s emergency room. “Oh, girls. I’m glad you’re here. I have something I need to tell you.”  

Gabby lowered her eyes so her mother wouldn’t suspect what she’d been up to just a couple hours ago. She discreetly sniffed herself, wondering if her clothes still smelled like smoke. “A man was brought into the emergency room today,” she vaguely heard her mother say. Her thoughts were elsewhere.  

Mostly on Mr. Pitt. Greg. At first, it’d been strange calling him by his first name. She spent her entire high school career calling him Mr. Pitt with the rest of her class. But now, she spoke his first name proudly. Sometimes she said it, even when she didn’t need to. Just to hear it roll of her tongue.  

“…and it turns out he’d been under the influence…”  

Even though she and Greg agreed their relationship would stay casual, she wondered if that could change once she graduated. In just a few months now she would not only be eighteen, but she’d also no longer be his student. Then they were free to see each other any way they pleased. But would he even be interested?  

“…he didn’t make it. Bled out right in front of me.”  

“Why are you telling us this, Mom?” Lacey asked.  

“Well. You’ll probably be hearing about it soon, anyway. The man was a teacher at your school.” Suddenly, she had Gabby’s full attention. “I’m not sure if either one of you have ever had him, but his name was… something Pitt. Oh, that’s right. Gregory.”


*scene starter by Christi 

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