Writer Problems:

Or maybe just my problems?

– Where do I start?

– How do I end?

– Three of my character’s names start with A…

– I have a million random scenes written with not one clue how I’m going to connect them so that they form an actual story.

– Title. Duh.

– Awesome characters. No plot.

– Awesome scene. Still no plot.

– Two awesome plots. Combine them? Nope, they don’t fit together at all.

– Awesome plot. No words.

– Ending. No beginning. No middle.

– Great twist at the end. Boringness all the way up until that point.

– Awesome plot idea… Exactly like the book I just finished.

– Scene plays out in my head. Grab laptop! Open it! No words.

– Starting a new book but still attached the the characters from the last one.

– No words. No words. No words!!!!! Inspiration. Motivation. Ideas. NO WORDS!!!!!

– Love triangle: There’s an obvious choice of who should win (that’s not fun).

– 100 pages written: All shit.

– 5am. Have to be up at 6:30am for a nine hour work shift. Can’t. Stop. Writing.

– Whoo! My day off! Time to get some writing done: NO WORDS!

– Nothing written. Everyone: Give me something new to read! I’m dying to read something! Whenever you need someone to read, send it to me!

– New chapter written. Everyone: *crickets*

This scene looks awesome in my head. Completely unncessary for the progression of the story.

– Awesome character. Contributes nothing to the story.

– Plot makes complete sense in my hand, is like a lost language on paper.

– There’s a word. I know the word. I’ve used the word. Tomorrow night when I’m out having dinner with friends, I will miraculously think of the word. But right now when I need it? Nothing.

– Blank screen. Type a sentence. Erase the sentence. Blank screen. Blank screen. Idea! Type half a sentence. Erase it. Blank screen. Blank screen. Blank screen. Type a paragraph. Two paragraphs! A whole page! Read it. All shit. New page. Blank screen, blank screen, blank screen…


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