Writing Contest

I’m not sure why I never enter any writing contests. I have a few short stories I’ve written specifically for contests but I guess I always psyche myself out before I submit them.

I’ve always followed Writer’s Digest’s writing contests, though. Forget about the prizes, it would be amazing just to be recognized by Writer’s Digest. So I’ve set a goal for myself: By this time next year, I want to have my manuscript ready to submit to Writer’s Digest for the annual Self-Published Book Award contest.

It starts at about $100 to enter, & books are judged by the content (the story, I’m assuming), the writing itself, & the overall presentation of the book. I figure even if I don’t win, having the opportunity to even try would be amazing. 

Anyway, if you want to contribute to the self-publication of Forget Me Not, check out my profile on GoFundMe (click here). And even better than that, keep checking back here because the first chapter of the manuscript will be up soon!

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